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Based On The 5 Love Languages

Physical Touch

Physical Touch

Physical touch is a powerful vehicle for communicating love.

Words Of Affirmation

Words Of Affirmation

Verbal compliments or Words of Appreciation make you feel loved.

Quality Time

Quality Time

You feel loved when you receive your partner’s undivided attention.

Acts Of Service

Acts Of Service

You feel loved when your partner does chores around the house, so you don’t have to.



A gift is something you can hold in your hands.

cell phone with the Love Tank app

AI for your relationship

Get alerts about your partner

LoveTank sends customized suggestions based on your partner’s lifestyle, so you are always aware of their needs. Get targeted reminders that inspire you to improve your partner’s life and further your own.

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About Us

The idea of LoveTank first appeared when the founder, Chris Shaw, was using a competitor app. It was actually causing more fights in his relationship, so he decided to fix that problem and make an overall better experience. His survey led him to believe people really want something like this.

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"Love Tank helps you to speak your partner's love language, not yours."Chris Shaw, Founder


photo of the couple who did the review 02/10/2023

Julia and Jonas

LoveTank is a fun way to explore your partner a bit more. A must try for couples in love and those facing a relationship crisis

photo of the couple who did the review 10/23/2022

Karolina and Pratyush

We loved the app LoveTank, it really helped and improved our relationship. Now we understand our needs much easier and know how to appreciate each other. Definitely recommend!

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